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Homesbook Property Factor Services: We do things differently.

At Homesbook Factoring Ltd we like to think we do things differently and offer more of a personal touch.

Instead of paying large factoring fees every month and not seeing any benefit to your property and development, we would offer a premium service, by visiting your development on a regular basis, noting any issues and immediately attending to them. Homesbook Factoring Ltd will work out an all-inclusive monthly fee and will regenerate your development, this ranges from re landscaping your garden area, or upgrading the close lights, to a full over haul to your close and communal areas of your property. There are no additional charges for changing light bulbs within the close or for cleaning gutters, as these costs are built into your all-inclusive monthly fee which you will find is more than likely cheaper than your current factor.

This is a long term strategy for Homesbook Factoring Ltd, and on this basis we will initially invest a substantial portion of the first year's factor fees into the development, in the first couple of months to complete any regeneration work. Due to the redevelopment of properties we now factor, we have had neighbouring developments approach us wanting us to take over as and factor for their developments. Building up a strong a local bond with our clients is paramount to our success within in our community. Homesbook Factoring Ltd is also focused on giving back to the community by supporting and sponsoring many local clubs and teams.


HomesBook have done a great job since taking over the factoring. I wish they had been here much sooner as it has been a fantastic job all round. Mrs Purcell, Landlord

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